Arthur Lugauskas is a Brooklyn, New York based multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes painting, installation, sculpture, photography, performance, and writing.

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, from his childhood through adolescence he has relocated between a rural village in Lithuania, the capitals of Bolivia and Japan, and East and West coast of the United States. The multicultural milieu had allowed him to discover and cultivate numerous ‘perspectives’ which anchored his pursuit in his creations.

One of Arthur’s art styles - PIOP Art - which stands for “perspectives inside of perspectives” - is visual embodiment of conceptual and spatial imagery. Each piece is improvisationally yet meticulously arranged in a playful manner with linear pictorial fragments which are culled from the combination of his personal experience and complete imagination.

He aspires to evoke audience’s visionary experience that enables them to see new points of views at a subconscious degree which otherwise may seem latent, allowing current and future possibilities to be endless.



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