'Arthur's Art'ful inside insight

'arthur's art'ful inside insight 7.0.jpg

Now, to explain this. Well, ‘Arthur’s Art’ful inside insight is intended to be an installation experience piece. And there are levels and layers to this.

For starters, let me let you know what is before you. Arthur’s Art is my full-length documentary film which features architecture models I’ve done, various drawings and paintings, photography, sculpture, skateboarding, string installations, box installations, attempts at making music, and ideas and thoughts I’ve had, have, and may have again and again. One way of looking at this film is as it being my “introduction” to the art world. But, that’s the base view. It’s really actually about the story in the story.

This film is also mixed with colorful visuals and perhaps interesting ways to look at a variety of subjects; from concepts on childhood, schools, experience, superstardom, writing, et cetera. And note, the soundtrack in it may give you some temporary synesthesia of sort.

Okay, so we went over a bit about the dvd film aspect of this piece. On to the packaging. I did a lino cut of the title of the film and then tore up some 6”x6” pieces of rives 280g bfk paper. Then I let some of the papers sit in water for a bit, then dried them some, and then ran them through the press while on top of the lino cut to make embossed prints. Then I sewed each print onto one of the remaining blank rives bfk 6”x6” papers and that gave me my “double-paper-square.” Afterwards it was time to cut a diagonal slit on the blank paper and then slide a arthur’s art dvd inside.

'arthur's art'ful inside insight 6.0.jpg