$0 from art by Arthur Lugauskas

still, to this day, somehow, someway, i’ve made $0 from art. am i anti-business or something? am i a real artist? am i even an artist? or is that category a category that boxes me into something that i’d rather not be known as?

i still have yet to get my last years taxes done, and for the first time i think i’m having my artistic career be part of it, because last year i did work as an artist, a creative, a photographer, a videographer, a visual artist basically, and i did spend money on that “business” and i did try to make money, tried to sell paintings, but i did not succeed. i made $0 from art last year, again. and i think i spent around $8,000 worth of business expenses that had to do with my career as a visual artist. but i’m not sure if the number is exactly $8,000. i did a rough calculation to get an idea of what i spent, but lately in the past couple of days i dove deeper and went to town organizing expenses. so that number might get bigger or smaller or remain similar.

i should actually continue figuring out my expenses and organizing that real of things because these taxes should get done soon. so i think i’ll get back to it. but i just wanted to stop by and let it be known that after all the paintings i’ve done, the string installations, the murals, the sculptures, the drawings, the photography, and my documentary film, i still made $0 from art, and i’m still not stopping. i’m actually maybe getting started.