learning about taxes by Arthur Lugauskas

school, why do i not know about taxes? this seems to be an important thing to learn, but i don’t feel like it was taught to me. why is that? now i’m spending time learning and trying to understand taxes more on my own, and with the help of the internet, an accountant, a friend, thinking, questioning, et cetera.

what the blup school, why do i feel like so much of life after school, and things i should know about, i wasn’t taught about, trained, helped. and more specifically i’m talking about high school, which is a time when you learn basics, right? college doesn’t need to teach taxes, unless you want to make a profession out of it.

but then again, college probably should teach a course on taxes that are more catered to a major studied. but college is to study and do what you want to do in life, and it shouldn’t be so broad with classes you don’t want to take or do. isn’t that what high school is supposed to be more about? touching on a variety of subjects, giving students a taste of different samples, like an sample platter, so they can learn more what they like and don’t like? but also learning real life things that one would should really know about? like an oil change for a car. like types of bills that one may encounter in his/her life. like ideas and concepts of space, furniture, interior design, lighting, textiles, clothing, quality. like taxes. and like so many other things that i think about at random times. blup!

i should start a list of all the things i didn’t learn in school, but should have. blup!

but i’m here now, reviewing my taxes, trying to understand them, have numbers align, and now that i’ve connected some things, looked into my documents a bit more, and even aligned some numbers i think there is a fun aspect to this because i feel like i’m learning something new on something so common, yet so foreign to me, even though i’ve been doing taxes for years.

over the years i did taxes either online or with one accountant or another or another, and now i’m trying another after considering doing them online, but then the numbers looked a bit crazy, so getting another opinion proved to be quite valuable, but still i didn’t know why the changes were so drastic. but now, little me looking more into this, going through the documents in more detail, line after line, and reading a bit, researching a bit when i don’t understand, and then doing some math to get to a number, i feel like i know a lot more than i did before, so that’s good.

but why did i not learn this before? blup.

but it’s okay, it’s better to learn and improve now instead of continuing to play weak and avoid it, say i don’t get it, blah blah blah.

there is still more to learn, but i feel like a lot of progress has happened in the last week or so.

plus my art career expenses, after reviewing my bank statements and stuff looked to be between $15-20k last year. i don’t think i really did that before, review how much i actually invested into my art and creative projects in a year, so that was a great exercise in itself. hm, what is this year going to look like? i should start organizing numbers soon, maybe even quarterly or monthly..