new blog

new blog? by Arthur Lugauskas

write here, and here i am, writing, feels like it’s been a while. like i’ve been out of the writing game. well, my writing game of me writing how i write, having fun, experimenting, being me. so maybe i’m back, but it’s too early to tell.

i’d like to continue my autobioblogphy, but lately i haven’t been getting to it, which is not cool. actually it’s been a really long time since i did much in it, which is really not cool. but it still exists and i do plan to get back in it at some point.

right now i’m taking a bit of a different approach with myself and my activities. for the past years i was more in the mindset of wanting to do everything at once, all 7 of my careers, and other interests and activities, and et cetera, but it hasn’t been working. maybe i haven’t been trying, or maybe i’m not ready for that, or maybe something else.

so lately i’ve been working on actually finishing 2nd pass for a change. like actually finish it. like, blupping finishing it. by the way, i’m still not sure if “blupping” is to be spelled “blupping” or “bluping”. and i’m not sure if the period should go after the quotation mark (“bluping”.) or before it (“bluping.”). note, i do like a to have a certain level of english and writing and a certain properness to it. or i should type “properness” actually. what i mean is that i don’t like common or known words to be misspelled, i don’t like punctuation to be wrong in terms of commas, periods, et cetera, and i’m not a fan of many abbreviations that tend to be written in text. like when someone laughs out loud, or doesn’t know, or says “okay” with just a letter, i’m not a fan.

but writing in lowercase is cool. and having capital letters at the right spots too.

i’m segwaying (doesn’t look like “segwaying” is a word, i guess), and just typing here, not even sure if there’s a purpose to what i’m writing/typing. what am i technically doing, writing or typing? or both? can both words be used interchangeably here? i guess.

again, words are just flowing out of me here. and i think i should do this more often. oh yeah, so yes, lately i was focusing on finishing 2nd pass because i want to finally be done with it, complete it, and release it to the world. and that is a reason my autobioblogphy has been on hold in the recent weeks/ months.

i’m thinking, since wanting to do it all at once just hasn’t been working for me, or i just don’t know how to do it right now or something, i’m thinking to go for the hardest profession on my list, and that is to make it in art. and i think with art as an umbrella i can do anything afterwards, because it’s all art. and that might sound good and all, but i think making it in art is the hardest from my list of professions/ careers, but i also think making it in art might be one of the hardest things anyone can do. i think being a famous artist is harder than being a doctor or a lawyer. and i think i’m taking on that challenge. or destiny?